Beach Patrol -

Beach patrol will assist in litter control and cleanliness of park facilities including bathrooms. Assist in securing of park facilities at closing time. Discourage any activities that create a disturbance to others or are inherently unsafe. Reinforce any facility closings that occur. Setting up and arranging chairs and seating arrangements. Setting up games and monitoring pieces of the games so that they are kept close to the games, and refilling the chalk trays along the wall. Watching to make sure guest abide by lifejacket rules. Helping guest however needed. Other duties as necessary. Assisting with opening and closing procedures as needed.

Life Jacket Fitters -

Life Jacket Fitters are responsible for making sure every customer entering the water has on a properly fitted lifejacket. Monitor life jacket supplies, communicate with guest check in staff with the available amount of life-jackets in each size, and making sure life jackets are returned to dry on the hanging rack in order of size. Assisting with opening and closing procedures as needed.

Guest Check In -

Guest check in staff is responsible for selling and receiving tickets. Checking guests in upon arrival and fitting appropriate bracelet on each guest. Ensuring each guest signs appropriate waivers. Monitoring the course schedule and availability. Communicating with life-jacket fitters to ensure there are the proper number of life-jackets needed. Fielding calls and answering guest questions. Assisting with opening and closing procedures as needed.

Shuttle Drivers -

Shuttle drivers will drive the bus shuttling guest safely to and from the parking area. Drivers must ensure safety of all passengers by making sure guest abide by safety rules. Answering guest questions. Making sure bus remains clean and secured. Assisting with opening and closing procedures as needed. Shuttle Bus Drivers must provide a current copy of driver's license and keep RPA managers up to date on driving record, notifying RPA immediately if any changes occur.

Bartenders -

Bartenders are responsible for maintaining cleanliness and organization of the bar area. Keeping up with stock levels and composing order lists. Maintaining accurate sales records. Serving drinks and snacks. Helping guests and answering any questions they may have. Checking in guests who arrive by boat. Adhering with all TABC standards. Assisting with opening and closing procedures as needed.

Maintenance -

Maintenance staff are responsible for up-keep of the property and all equipment. Opening the park by raking sand, cleaning any debris from overnight, placing chairs and umbrellas upon the beach, verify trash bins have bags, restroom has supplies necessary. Maintenance must also monitor levels of the restroom to address dumping schedule as related to use, sanitize inflatables, maintain landscape and keep all parts of the park in working order.

Lifeguards -

Opening duties:

  • walk shallow for debris
  • check inflatables for
  • inflation
  • algae
  • animal excrement
  • check first aid/equipment
  • bring down rescue board and backboard

Shift change:
  • check first aid kit
  • review/debrief with new shift

  • check first aid kit/equipment
  • return rescue board and backboard to shop
  • clean lifeguard tubes and equipment
  • Follow all instructions in Rocky Point Adventures' Aquatic Action Plan.